"Masterclass Groundwork & Equestrian Art"

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Effective schooling from the very beginning up to the highest lessons and a trusting connection to your horse on the ground are not mutually exclusive - they benefit from each other!

In this course we combine our passion for liberty work with valuable physical training. So that your horse can accompany you for a long time to come, healthy and, above all, motivated!

  • Live Calls with Kenzie & Laury
  • 76  lessons in over 20 hours of learning material
  • Private Facebook group
  • Support from me an my team
  • New coursesystem
  • Completion certificate

Kenzie Dysli & Laury Tisseur

We will provide you with all the details of our training philosophies to turn your horse into a strong, motivated partner with whom training together is not only physically valuable, but also fun!

You will benefit from two trainers with different approaches and training methods, different equipment (work in hand with bridle and on the cavesson) and you'll see live how we support each other in the development of our training horses. We have deliberately selected horses with different levels of training so that you can learn from the very first steps to the the fine-tuning of our four-legged instructors with your horse,where you are right now. So it doesn't matter whether you have a young horse that you are just starting on the ground with pressure points, side movements or trust work or the flying changes, the levade, passage or piaffe with your horse - we will accompany you on your way and help you to gain even more understanding and knowledge about training with your horse.


"Masterclass Groundwork & Equestrian Art"


OIS 2024
  • 76 lessons
  • 20 hours leanring content
  • 76 lessons
  • 20 hours
The Masterclass Groundwork & Equestrian Art by Kenzie Dysli and Laury Tisseur combines classical groundwork, liberty training, and High School into a comprehensive training concept.

Hours of learning material take you from the basics to advanced lessons like the Piaffe, Levade, and safe rearing. The aim is to build a deep, trusting relationship with your horse, keeping it healthy and motivated, while you and your horse learn skills usually reserved for show horses.


We start with liberty work. The aim is to establish a solid connection with your horse, in which clear rules exist. Clarity and trust ensure well-being for both human and horse. We focus on the nuances of signals and body language, going on to who moves whom. Using various horses, we show you lessons like leading exercises, calling, yielding, and the importance of bending on the circle.


Building on the basics, this module introduces you to classical groundwork. We'll familiarise you with two different approaches, allowing you decide which is best for you and your horse before each exercise. Lessons for young and older horses are demonstrated, such as the shoulder-in, croup-in, travers, and the importance of good collection and rein handling from the ground, and much more.


This module focuses on collected lessons as well as the High School. We work on the collected canter, walk/canter pirouettes, and flying changes. This helps build good muscle tone and balance in your horse. Then, of course, lessons like the Spanish Salute, Balanceo, and Levade provide variety. Not to forget the Piaffe and Passage, all shown from the ground and rider perspective with guidance for each transition.


We work together with you and your horse on building safe rearing. We're by your side to help decide if rearing is right for you and find alternative solutions if needed. Once decided, we support you step by step. Our goal is to grow together through experiences, with joy and trust as our top priorities. This is how you and your horse develop the skills that will make your horse a true star.

Learning content

  • Classical work in hand with shoulder-in & croup in, traversal, bending and collection
  • High dressage exercises from collection to flying changes, piaffe, passage,
  • Bonus: Levade & safe rearing up
  • Liberty dressage: From the first liberty work in the round pen to a friend who follows you in liberty
  • Extra circensic lessons: Spanish walk, Spanish salute with turn, closed legs, balanceo



To ensure you receive the best possible support, there are regular live calls where you can ask us all your questions. We will help you live with challenges or problems and will also be happy to analyze your videos.

We will inform you about the dates in good time.



Become part of my large Kenzie community
In the closed Facebook group you can post your questions and videos about the training. All questions will be answered by us and our team. The Facebook group is also for you to exchange and motivate yourself with other participants who have the same wishes and goals as you. Often you have similar prpblems and issues and it is very helpful to see how other horses react in certain situations.

What does OIS mean?

The OIS format (Online Intensive Seminar), which stands for "intensive" learning, goes far beyond traditional online courses. You will not only dive into a variety of instructional videos but also benefit from interactive live sessions. In addition, private exchange in a special Facebook group complements and deepens your learning experience.

The advanced techniques and methods I bring you closer to will not only enrich your everyday life with your horse but also strengthen the deep bond with your four-legged friend. It is important to emphasize that despite the intensity and depth of the seminar, fun and joy in learning and interacting always remain in the foreground – both for you and for your horse.

To ensure the quality and depth of this intensive learning experience, I usually offer this seminar for registration only twice a year. Let's start now!

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  • One payment, two months gifted!

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12 Month

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Waiting list

A major component of this online seminar is our personal support during your training. However, we can only provide this satisfactorily up to a certain seminar size. Therefore, access is highly limited.

Simply sign up for the waiting list. We will get in touch as soon as the seminar is available again or when it's your turn on the waiting list.



Try risk-free for 3 days

Unsure if an online seminar works for you? You can try my video seminar without any risk.
Decide within 3 days whether you want to stay. If not, just send me an email at [email protected], and I'll refund your money!

Is your horse bored or unfocused?

Would you like to learn how to keep your horse physically healthy & motivated at the same time?

In this varied course, you will be given all our tools to work your horse's body in a gymnastically valuable way and, with a lot of joy in everyday life, also to train your horse's mind. In this way you combine the important with the beautiful and really develop yourself!

Two trainers = lots of ideas & possibilities!

Benefit from our double wealth of experience and take a look behind the scenes at how we are also constantly developing! Take part in our live training sessions and try out the different training approaches that suit you and your horse best! Our well structured course takes you and your horse from basic lessons to high school - at your own personal pace.

Rearing Up, flying changes, piaffe & co.

Many horse people dream of teaching their horse these lessons at some point - and this course is your chance!
We provide you with the necessary knowledge with which you can really reach for the stars and successfully and safely (!) implement these lessons with your horse.


This course has helped me to go further with my horse than I ever dared to dream! I would never have dared to do it on my own, but it's so much fun! My horse has become physically much fitter and more motivated thanks to the exercises!

Maja S.


Lots of tips & tricks that helped me to perfect even advanced lessons! The course was really worth its weight in gold!

Anna M.


I was missing variety in my training - and this course gave me so much of it! The mixture of work in hand, liberty dressage and challenging dressage lessons is a lot of fun for me and my horse. He has also developed extremely well physically! A clear recommendation!

Beate G.


... are looking for new ways to gymnastically work your horse.

... want to keep your horse healthy for a long time.

... want to bring more variety to your training routine.

... want to further educate yourself in the horse field.

... need support with difficult lessons such as rearing up, levade, piaffe, passage, flying changes or pirouettes.


… a leisure rider, dressage rider, or active in another discipline – our course is designed so that anyone can start immediately and ascend to the highest lessons.

... own a horse or care for a foster horse – the exercises seamlessly integrate into your daily training.

... train one or several horses. Our diverse methods adapt to any situation.

... a beginner or an experienced rider. We accompany you from the basics to perfection.

At the end of the seminar, you will have worked through lessons with your horse that you may have only dreamed of before. It will be physically fitter & more agile and enjoy training with you.

Your horse will be much more motivated, and you will have many ideas on what else you can teach your horse - and most importantly, how!

About me, Kenzie Dysli

My name is Kenzie Dysli and I specialize in liberty dressage, working equitation, doma vaquera and western riding. I grew up on the beautiful Hacienda Buena Suerte in Spain and my parents Magda and Jean-Claude Dysli, a famous western rider, taught me a lot about horses when I was young. So Spanish dressage and the knowledge of how to gymnasticize horses well was something I was born with.

Pat Parelli, known for Natural Horsemanship, and Ismael Romero Arroyo, a specialist in Alta Escuela and liberty dressage, also broadened my knowledge of training horses.

I love to pass on my way of working with horses and therefore invite you to expand your knowledge in this course together with my partner Laury Tisseur and take your everyday training with your horse to a whole new level. Our aim with this course is to diversify your horse's training on the one hand and to ensure that it stays healthy and motivated at your side for a long time to come on the other. Classical work in hand is the perfect basis for this!

About  Laury Tisseur

Standing on 6 horses at full gallop through the slalom and over spectacular jumps - that's Laury Tisseur. Not only is he a true artist and performer on horseback, he also has an exceptional talent when it comes to true horsemanship.

Born in the south of France and raised with horses, Laury developed a deep love for the sensitive four-legged friends and has spent every free minute with them ever since.

He was lucky enough to meet Magalie Delgado and Frederic Pignon at a young age, both of whom are already true legends in the equestrian world thanks to their work. He even traveled with them to the United States and performed in various acts in front of thousands of people in the biggest horse show to date, "Cavalia". His passion is high school dressage.

Known from, Partners, TV, and Movies

Vox, Equitana, Americana, Cavalluna, Palace of Horses, The Horse Profis, Windstorm, Bibi & Tina, Wendy, My Horse, We Horse, Horse Whispering, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the seminar start?

The seminar starts on the date mentioned above. After your registration, you will receive all the necessary information via email.

The start in the Facebook group begins after activation in the new Facebook group. You will receive an invitation with the date for the first live event with Kenzie via email.

What if I don't have time on the start date?

No problem, the opening with me will be recorded and made available to you afterward.

How long does the seminar last?

The seminar lasts 12 months and is a mix of video recordings, live events, exchange and feedback in the Facebook group, and of course, your practical application of what you've learned.

If you have less time in between, no problem. You have access to the complete video material for 1 year and are a member of the Facebook group for 12 months. All live events are available as recordings for 12 months.

Afterward, you can extend your membership on a monthly basis. You will receive further information about this in time before the end of the 12 months.

Do I need a Facebook account?

You don't need a Facebook account to participate. You will only miss the exchange in the group, participation in live events, and feedback on your questions.

You have access to all video material and the recordings of live events with Kenzie in the course system.

However, you can create an anonymous email address and a Facebook account with a different name exclusively for the seminar. This has proven very effective for many who otherwise do not use Facebook.

What online experience do I need?

All content is available on an online learning platform "Course System", for which you will receive access data from us after successful registration to the course and you can log in. The menu navigation is very clear, so you will find your way around quickly.

Additionally, after your registration for the online seminar, you will gain access to the closed Facebook group.

Since active communication runs through the closed Facebook group, where participants post comments and videos, it is advantageous if you are already familiar with Facebook and have gained some experience here. The group is very dynamic from our experience, so you can take away a lot additionally if you actively participate in posting and commenting.

But: The Facebook group is NOT a must for successful participation in the online seminar. We still recommend it and if you are inexperienced with Facebook, you can find many videos on YouTube on how to set up a Facebook account and make various privacy settings.

What technical requirements do I need?

We recommend an internet connection (DSL or mobile) with at least 2 MBit/s to watch the videos smoothly.

Usually, all households today have at least 16 MBit/s and mobile even far more. There should be no problems expected. If you have further questions about this, just send an email directly to [email protected].

Can I watch the videos on a tablet or smartphone?

Yes, it's possible.

There is a mobile-friendly version for your smartphone or tablet.

Can I download or save the content?

The teaching units are available as an online stream; downloading is not possible.

Which horse is suitable for the course?

Basically, any horse that is healthy can participate. Working with young horses is not a problem – the horse should, however, have had some initial training experience and be at least 3 years old. Since the course involves pure groundwork, the horse does not need to be ridden yet. Older horses can also participate as long as they are fit. For certain exercises, such as rearing, we also explicitly point out in the video what to look out for if you want to do this exercise with an older horse – or that the one or other exercise may not be suitable for older horses.

Do I need to own a horse?

No, you do not need to own a horse to participate in the course. If you have horse experience, you can also work with another person's horse. You are welcome to participate as a share-rider, but please discuss this with the owner of the horse beforehand.

Do I need horse experience to participate in the course?

Yes, you should bring basic experience in handling horses. Being able to ride is not a prerequisite but is, of course, helpful since you already have some experience in dealing with horses and their reactions.

How often should I train my horse weekly?

To achieve success, regular training and practice are important. We recommend about 3-4 times a week for smaller training units with the horse. Pay attention to variety in tasks, take breaks, and stop in time if it does not progress on a day and when the horse has successfully mastered an exercise. In addition, you can and should continue to ride and move your horse as you have done before. But also use the time to simply observe your horse, to get to know it anew. The more time you spend with your horse, the more familiar you will become with each other, and the more trust will grow between you.

What kind of space do I need for practice?

An ideal place is a round pen. However, if you do not have access to a round pen, you can set up a small, separated, fenced (essential for liberty work!) area. You can easily build a suitable round pen yourself with poles and electric tape.

Any questions...

Need help with ordering or have other questions? Send a message directly.

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